Broadway Bound is our highly popular all-inclusive triple threat training camp that CPAA has offered since its original opening. Students are placed into a groups based age and experience and rotate between classes in dance, acting, vocal technique and a production. Classes are designed to be engaging, educational and tons of fun all while enhancing the student's performing arts knowledge and ability. By the end of the magical two weeks students perform for friends and family in a full production that incorporates all our performers.

Last year we had a "Beyond Frozen" themed Broadway Broad camp. The turn out was overwhelming; we actually had to create two junior camps to fill the demand.The performance for our main workshop was held at the Carlsbad Cultural Arts Center. We were so excited to see how the kids were able to put together such an amazing performance in two short weeks!

"What is amazing about this camp is that students are engaged and challenged throughout the day. And although they are working hard, they are fully engaged and having a blast!"
- Stephanie Ucker (Parent of two of our summer 2014 performers)